Monday, May 16, 2011

Selling at the Moss Street Market

It was with some excitement that I lined up for a review of my art, hoping to be accepted into the Moss Street Market. Well, it was all good news: I was not only accepted, but I was invited to book a reserved spot for the season!
This is my booth on week 1. Didn't have a lot of time to get my set-up nailed down, but it all worked.

If you will be in Victoria this summer, stop by the Moss Street Market on Saturdays between 10am-2pm (or 4pm on July 16), and drop by to say hi. It's a great market - everything in the arts and crafts side of things is handmade by the person selling it. Same deal on the food (yummy, so popular there are line-ups!). There is also live music every week. Plus a farmer's market, of course.

The big deal for me has been getting a tent. Not too easy, as they are pricey things to buy new. I'd tried to buy one for a couple of weeks, but finally gave up and got an umbrella. Alas, the day after my first market, I was offered a used tent, at a good price. Today I picked it up.

I have quite a bit of new art I have been working on that I'll be selling. The market goes until October 29th!

UPDATE: now have my big white market tent, so look for that (vs. the umbrella) if you look for me. I may also skip poor weather market days, as not much interest in art those days and my works could get damaged...