Saturday, February 7, 2009

Blue ferry doodles

Had an interesting moment on the ferry today... A guy came up to me towards the end of the voyage and admired what I was doodling. And after we chatted for a few minutes, I asked him if he would like to have it. And he said yes. As I gave it to him, I said I hoped he would enjoy it, and he said he would, and he was planning to put it in his office.

It was a lot like this one (I started this one right afterwards), though I'd worked on his for a good hour or so (versus this was about 10 min). The now-in-its-new-home-doodle had all sorts of faces - big, small, right way up, small, funny, the full gambit.

It was actually rather special to pass one on that way, he was quite delighted. Maybe more fun that selling one. Not that I know what that feels like, lol...

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