Friday, June 17, 2011

Canucks Doodles

I had some fun doodling Canucks fever. Well, up until the time we lost game 7.... Oh well. Here are a few of them. These aren't the greatest photos (as these are on clean, bright white paper!!), but they should be clearer if you click on them to see the enlarged views.

And, yes, they are for sale, if you find you fancy one of them.

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~Tracy~ said...

Hello Roberta !

We had a wee conversation at the Moss St. Paint-In yesterday ( July 16 ) about Etsy. My wee art shop is ravensmagiclantern & I have a vintage only shop ChocolateRoseMint.
*Not much in the art shop as I've become a little overwhelmed with creating altered art, so now am trying my hand at whimsical acrylic paintings ( will begin listing after I've made at least two ). So far am having a fabu time !
If you've any questions regarding Etsy, shoot away and I'll help as best as I can.
Love your blogs and creations ! Enjoyed getting to meet you and hope to hear back from you.

Take care,

Tracy :)