Monday, November 23, 2009

Introducing Ribbon Girl

I've starting doodling a girl I have nicknamed Ribbon Girl. Here are the first few iterations (you might need to click to enlarge to see how purdy she is)...

Ribbon Girl Meets Ribbon Boy
Ribbon Girl Dances a Groove (this will probably also be my submission for this week's Illustration Friday challenge of "Music")
Ribbon Girl Goes for a Swim
Not sure where Ribbon Girl came from, or where the ribbons came symbolize (if anything), but she seems to be pouring out of my pen at the moment, so I am giving her time to play.
After I took these pictures, I added a small item to each of these (in this order): a heart, a musical note, a fish. They add a bit of a story, and in some ways I like them.... but I also like them just like this. Something I will ponder about as she evolves...

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Anonymous said...

~ Rib On Ribbon Girl !!
from : 'tied in knots' myself !